About Elysbet Hair Extensions

After 10 years since its creation, the brand ELYSBET HAIR EXTENSIONS®️ finally arrives in Italy! Born to offer a remedy to women who regret choosing a drastic haircut, ELYSBET HAIR EXTENSIONS®️ is the best method of choosing, preparing and fitting extensions capable of making your hair long, soft and full to the ends, for a wow effect!

Our centers are not the classic hairdressing salons, ELYSBET HAIR EXTENSIONS®️ is a boutique dedicated exclusively to extension’s sale , application and maintain the best quality extensions on the market. We only use hair from tested and certified Eastern European countries, which, thanks to our amazing techniques, maintain system and our fully support, ensures that our extensions last AT LEAST 12 MONTHS.

If until now you have spent your money unnecessarily on extensions fitted with hasty and ineffective methods, if you have worn Indian hair or hair with unknown origins, wrinkled and dry already at the first wash, if after seeing it tangled under the comb or even detached before you can show them off for that occasion you cared so much about, it's time to try ELYSBET HAIR EXTENSIONS®️.

In our new boutique in Rome, you will be able to choose the hair with which we will prepare your extensions, which we will then install with very precise procedures and let you try for the first time what you will hear repeated by all your friends... the wow effect that lasts more than a year!

To see and trust us, request a free consultation. Our manager in Rome will be happy to show you our products and advise you in your choice. ELYSBET HAIR EXTENSIONS®️


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Do you want to have soft and silky hair even after numerous washes? Try our Slavic real hair extensions and you will notice the difference compared to any other type of extensions you have ever had!

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For hair extension fittings, or to have a look at our range of slavic hair extensions, visit our salon in the heart of Rome, Zona San Giovanni, Via Fregene 39, Italy.

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We offer a range of Slavic hair extensions, available in a variety of colours and lengths. For orders contact us on Whatsapp.

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We offer courses for those who want a career in hair extensions. With 90% practical work, you are sure to learn everything you need to know. Click below to view our course.

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